Lokale Orbits / Solo 3

for flute and multichannel tape (2008, 18´30´´)
PP: Martina Roth, flute
Prize-holder concert of Giga-Hertz-Award, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2008-11-29

Sound examples

stereo mix; Martina Roth, flute

Work description

By working with computer algorithms, I'm embracing the experimental aspect in particular – neither the transformation of abstract concepts nor the approximation to preceding imaginations of sound. One is encountering results that demand immediate further development, also against the original intentions. As a consequence, I decided on a procedure, which allows me to concentrate on this flexibility and restricts planning to the experimental conditions. In the sequence Lokale Orbits instrumental sounds, recordings with the musicians concerned, are the starting point. Granular synthesis – actually: buffer granulation, the processing of tiny particles of a basic sound – allows for a large variety of results, a gradual transition from real sounds into electronic space, and is therefore suited for "mixed" instrumentations.
In the progress of the sequence, I tried to diversify synthesis procedures: Solo 3 combines the stochastic control of granular clouds, rhythmical granular layers, and the oscillation between pulsating and non-pulsating granulation.
Structuring the compositional process this way does not suspend historical-dialectical thinking. The reference to historically mediated structures is omnipresent, and this demands individual decisions. On this specific occasion, I focussed on intervals and progressions under microscopical and macroscopical changes.

Supported by the Giga-Hertz Production Award at the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.